Linear project management life cycle model-1

1. Introduction

  In this fast changing environment for project development, it will be extremely important for the project manager to choose a scientific and appropriate Project Management Life Cycle model to successfully manage a project. Determining the model itself is a very important part of the project management process which requires considering various factors and different situations and environments. At first, during the process of planning, the type of project which we are going to manage should be determined. All the requirements that is going to be needed to complete the projects should be evaluated. The culture environment and approach for management of such project should be given consideration too. Author refers to this process as evaluating the environment of the proposed project (Wysocki, p. 299 2009). Project manager could pick out the best Project Management Life Cycle model once various aspects of the landscape of such project has been analyzed and understood. Furthermore, the risks and disadvantage of each Project Management Life Cycle model should be considered by the project manager. Base on different characters of different projects, five Project Management Life Cycle models have been identified to meet different needs of different projects. Each of them have its own strengths and weakness. This essay will focus on the traditional linear project management to see its strengths and problems in the nowadays environment. At first, it will analyses contemporary project environment. Then it will look into the traditional linear project management model to see its problems and put forward the methods to mitigate them.

2. Project environment 

 According to Vijaya(2013), “The environment is characterized by high speed, high charge, lower costs, complexity, uncertainty and host of other factors”. In order to get business value, the products or services needed to be launched on the market as soon as possible. This requires the Project Management Life Cycle model can achieve high speed. During the project, the project manager should keep it mind that the project might need change due to the request from the clients. The method of Project Management Life Cycle model should be able to deal with suddenly change. Companies start to recognize the value and importance of project management. They would like to take effort to redesign the organization structure to meet the requirements for project management. Lots of increased workload can be lowered by the techniques and tool form the method of project management. It will be more flexible for the staffs to complete their work in the most efficient way according to their need. The Project Management Life Cycle model should meet such conditions when needed. Due to the multitask that may occur in one project with complex problems, the method of Project Management Life Cycle model that is chosen to use need to be able to solve the complex problems efficiently. In current environment, the project management method should be adaptable to meet uncertainty situation, which means that the project management method should be able to give appropriate approach to various problems that occurred to the clients. Whether the management of the project can be aligned with the objectives and goals is the main factor that influence the most or determine one project success or not. Therefore, the management of project could be seen as a part of the strategy for business management too. The project deliverable should be specified under the background of business by the manager of project. The manager of project should have a deep understanding of both internal and external environment. Also, they should grasp the way of interactions between the organization and outer environment in which the deliverable must be able to function for the customers and suppliers. Thus, the Project Management Life Cycle model should be able to adaptable and easy for the managers to control and deal with uncertainty in order to deliver the best result for customer and suppliers under business context.

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