Linear project management life cycle model-3

Presentation of project management processes such as initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing with icons and a manager touching virtual screen

3.2 Too much time might be spent in the scoping and planning. 

Due to lots of milestone and completion date should be meet to keep the track of different stages of the project. The manager of the project may spend a large amount time and energy to make the plan and scope. The planning and programming cost for projects could be huge. The company should manage to limit the project cycle life. Non-value added work should be cut down to the great level. Thus, it is important for the manager of project to know the time and the way to bring in the strategies of multiple release and condense the schedules for the project to the largest degree in order to get the product or service on the market as much as possible. The “never ending design” could lead to a very expensive process. Another thing is that this could delay the time product or service reach to the market. The company should manage to limit the project cycle life. Non-value added work should be cut down to the largest level. Too much time and too much money spend on the planning process would be hard for the company to get business value back. This contradicts the  need of the contemporary market needs for high speed and lower costs. To solve this problem, the manager of the project could resort this the following method. The deadline for planning and scoping should be set before it started. Review and input for the design document should be finished within this period of time. Furthermore, any change to the plan should from one authority. Therefore, during the period of planning, a representative group should be established to review and decide the changes to the plan. Any change should be submitted to the committee first and be approve by it. And the committee is the only authority to make change to the plan.

3.3Too long time before deliverable produced. 

The linear project management life cycle model, due to its low complexity and less risky, it often used in the construction project. while a construction project usually takes a long time. So the linear project management method could take a long period of time to produce the deliverable. According to Wysocki 2009, “most construction projects have a great commitment of time in both planning and implementation that consequently creates a long period of time before a customer can realize and revenue. There is a potential that the project can fail if the schedule is skewed beyond the project schedule due to the costs involved to carry the project.” Since the  linear project management often involves long course project, it usually takes a longer time to have deliverable if there is any changes in the schedule due to money problem. For this problem, the manager of the project should make a through and detailed plan in regards of the financial aspect of the project. Use and source of money should be extremely clear and have certain staff the manage and control money. The cash flow projection should be comprehensive as much as possible. The approving system should be refined. In current environment, the linear project management life cycle model may not suitable for short life cycle product and any project expecting deliverable in short term.

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